TIBA’s modularly designed MP-30 Entry Station features the latest and most advanced technologies including an option for bar code scanner for prepaid reservation confirmations, and a proximity reader for monthly parker pass card. A magnetic card reader is available for hotel guests and value card payments.

The entry station’s TFT Color hi-res display is fully customizable for communicating clear guidance information to users.

Connection with TIBA’s facility management software is flexible to accommodate future technological developments.

The MP-30’s interior device is mounted on sturdy sliding tracks, gliding open with just a pull, allowing for ultra-convenient maintenance. The unit can dispense up to 5,000 tickets and new consumables are easily reloaded.

SW-30 Exit Station

Upon exit, patrons have options on how to pay for parking. After paying at the automatic pay station, patrons insert paid ticket into the SW-30 Exit Station ticket reader to open the gate. Patrons that have not paid can pay on exit with credit card.

The Exit Station retracts tickets for auditing purposes, and patrons can receive a receipt via the built-in receipt printer. The Exit Station includes a built-in intercom system and a proximity card reader which permits monthly customers to exit with a simple wave of their card.

The interior device is mounted on sturdy sliding tracks which glide open with just a pull, allowing for easy maintenance and retrieval of the tickets.


With the APS-30 Vehicle Pay Station patrons can choose their preferred method of payment upon exit. In addition to accepting credit cards, the APS-30 accepts and dispenses bills, with an optional coin dispenser.

The APS-30 comes with any feature you may need to accept payments in the lane: a credit card reader and receipt printer, an intercom substation and a built-in proximity card reader eliminates the need for an external reader mounted on a goose neck.

The APS-30 contains two separate housings so staff can perform routine maintenance while only the manager has access to the cash.

The Exit Station retracts tickets for auditing purposes, and patrons can receive a receipt via the built-in receipt printer. The Exit Station includes a built-in intercom system and a proximity card reader which permits monthly customers to exit with a simple wave of their card.


The CPS-30’s modular design and intelligent engineering make it the industry’s most reliable ticket receiving/payment device. This user friendly device processes unpaid tickets and accommodates monthly cardholder payments with a TFT display and intercom for communication with patrons. TIBA’s logical design allows for the addition of smartcard readers and/or pin-pad for a reasonable cost.

The unit consists of an off-the-shelf receipt printing/ticket scanning/transport device, power supply, main board, I/O board and display. When changing receipt paper the interior of the unit conveniently slides out for easy access. Additionally all TIBA products have on-board communications isolators.

The Credit Card Only Pay Station allows your patrons to quickly pay for their parking by credit or debit cards before exiting. Utilizing a magnetic card reader, customers can satisfy their fee, receive an exit ticket and receipt. Like most TIBA equipment, this unit accommodates a flexible rate structure.


The CR-30-M All-In-One Card Reader is an all-in-one product that accommodates a proximity or mag stripe reader, built in loop detector, intercom substation, gate control and a smart management controller.

The CR-30 is ideal for hotel guests, employees, monthly contract users, faculty and staff who do not require tickets or processing.

The unit supports a multitude of technologies including: proximity RFID, magnetic stripe, barcode, AVI, keypad, smart card and license plate recognition. The unit operates in an off-line mode utilizing an onboard processor and memory. Designed for durability and enhanced for aesthetics, the unit is made with stainless steel aluminium, supporting trouble free operations for your clients.


This Cash Terminal is a secure device which allows you to program through its sophisticated technology almost unlimited variations on your fee structure, while still allowing you to easily monitor your accounts.

Extremely user friendly, the Cash Terminal features 16 programmable keys and offers the capability of programming 99 additional validations. While smaller operations may have it serve as a stand alone unit, larger facilities can control up to 64 machines throughout the parking network.

Logging on requires signing in with a Pin-code or Cashier Card. Value and Time slot reports, shift reports and Z-reports can all be printed using the internal printing system. Password protection assures security for managers monitoring the reports.


TIBA presents the unique parking access encoder device for hotel room keys. This special solution will utilize the hotel guest room key and activate them to grant access through the parking lot entry or exit terminals.

No special interface between the parking system and the hotel property management system is needed. Tracking guest traffic is quick and easy via detailed traffic reports in the TIBA management software.

How does it work?

When a guest checks in, parking charges will be added to their guest folio. Once check in has been completed, the front desk agent will simply type the room number and amount of nights into the parking access unit, than will swipe the room key card to enable the key with parking privileges.

At the parking terminals, the guest will insert his room key. If room key is valid the gate will open and grant access in or out the lot.


Modular and compact, this Desktop Validation Unit is perfect for merchants of all types.

The DV-30 Desktop Validation Unit is an intelligent parking ticket validation device that allows merchants to validate parking tickets with a pre-defined rate or to select a different validation type.

The many types of validation types are monitored in real-time in the SmartPark management software. Validations can be associated to a specific user group for future billing.

All parking devices in the system will recognize the validation, calculate the new parking fee and update the balance accordingly.

TIBA is once again setting new standards when it comes to user friendliness.


Parking operators, critical assets and building management firms have come to rely on technologically advanced systems, to provide the necessary products and services to their customers.

​License plate and vehicle identity recognition play a large role within these systems, as they are a primary and critical technology, and provide valuable information as to the identity of vehicles entering the facility. This information can be used for billing purposes, identification and access of permit holders, security alerts for problematic vehicles or enforcement violators, as well as other applications as per customer requirements such as:

  • Critical Assets
  • Airport
  • Valet Parking
  • Hospitals and Health Clinics
  • Corporate Campuses
  • Inventory Control

The low-mid speed all-in-one LPR recognition unit is a robust image processing system that captures car plate images and identifies their license numbers. This sophisticated computer-camera-illumination unit, is fully enclosed with its embedded microprocessor and internal software recognition package, and performs all functions of an LPR system.

​Upon entry to the parking facility, a snapshot of the license plate is taken and printed on the transient ticket that is pulled from the ticket dispenser. From now on, the transient transaction will ‘carry’ the license plate number for all the duration of the parking, until the vehicle has left the lot.

The LPR unit integrates seamlessly into the TIBA-Smartpark management software.
Illegal transactions or violations are flagged immediately on real time in the management software, and will prompt the operator by a quick email with the transaction details.